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About Us

Welcome to Turnip Truck Designs.  

The Turnip Truck creative team grew up in the south and we all love southern humor.  As children, our parents would ask, “Do You Think I Just Fell Off A Turnip Truck?”, if we gave them a creative explanation for something we did or didn’t do.   Little did we realize that this creativity would become the building blocks for Turnip Truck Designs.  We call this “Turnip Truck” humor.

Designing and producing humorous clothing has been a part of Stirrups Clothing Company for over 15 years.  Many of our designs have been sold in gift shops and consumer catalogs with great success.  We decided it was time to brand the humor as Turnip Truck Designs.  Our online store offers tees for the whole family.  

Enjoy our creative designs as they fall off the Turnip Truck.


Michael & Barbara Whatley